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Custom Handmade Stove Cover

Custom Handmade Stove Cover

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Custom handmade kitchen stove top cover | noodle board. Every piece is hand crafted and stained by hand to ensure a unique work of art. Custom designed personalization is also available using vinyl in the color of your choice (seen above in the pictures).

Each board will measure 21.75" front to back and 29.75" side to side designed to fit a standard electric range. If you have a different sized range then please make sure to let us know right away.

We have numerous finishes available including a stain or paint color of your choice. A few different stain colors pictured above for example. Please keep in mind that every piece of wood is unique and might take stain slightly different from one board to the next so your item that you receive might not look 100% exactly like one pictured above.

Antique or modern handles available.

Everything is custom made to order. We are able to custom make one for a Gas Stove, as well. Send us a message for a quote.

We will reach out to confirm handle preference, finish choice & mock-ups will be sent for approval. Please message us with contact info if you do not regularly check your messages here.

Please message us if we can make something custom for you.
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